“Emergency – Emergent Agency” deals with discarded, leftover, marginal messages, and misrepresented groups, all of which are part of the circuit which mainstream media maintain captive and administrated. While mass media claims to present information in an objective manner, the context of information is stripped away by the brief form in which information is presented, leaving the private parties who own the media to control the way in which meaning is produced. The project is being facilitated by a chain of social actors, including an art therapy facilitator, artists, a mass media producer, art students and the general public. Beginning by collecting messages from a group of at-risk youth in the San Deigo/Tijuana transborder region, we will transmit these messages to another group of art students in Tijuana, to respond to the messages. From this link, two outcomes will be produced:

1. Consumerist products including t-shirts and pins to be distributed among the general audience at an art fair

2. Short video segments, produced by art students, broadcast through a television news show.

By doing this, we want to show that discourse is always hegemonic, biased, constructed and to see if there exists any possibility of communication that can slip through and produce empathy between individuals.

Lacan’s Seminar broadcast on Television – Language doesn’t work!


Lui Velazquez is a contemporary art project that takes the form of a space, a collective practice and a platform. As a project, Lui Velazquez started as an extension of research dealing with relational aesthetics, which included projects from Shannon Spanakhe, Camilo Ontiveros, Felipe Zuniga and Sergio de la Torre dealing with performative, social, media and conceptual gesutres. As a collective practice, Lui Velazquez has established a strategy of interdisciplinary promiscuity, collaborating with dj’s, poets, graphic designers, net labels, musicians, television producers, curators and media activists. As a platform, Lui Velazquez functions as a facilitator of producers outside of the “mainstream art world”. Lui Velazquez functions as a flexible organization that hosts residencies, collaborations and productions which aims to trouble the flows of distribution and production of cultural expressions in the transborder region of Tijuana/San Diego.